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    The district has a rectangular shape with a longer north-south side and a shorter east-west side. By now, it includes 20 villages and 261 neighborhoods, which makes it a relatively small district of Kaohsiung City.
    The district hosts various institutions such as main government offices—Southern Taiwan Joint Services Center under the Executive Yuan, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court, Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, Kaohsiung City Field Office of Investigation Bureau under the Ministry of Justice, Kaohsiung City Police Department, Disease Control Office under the Department of Health of Kaohsiung City Government, Military Police Corps, etc.— and major financial institutions—Bank of Taiwan, Mega International Commercial Bank, Bank of Kaohsiung and so on. In other words, the district is full of governmental, business, educational and cultural institutions which make it the political, financial and cultural center of Kaohsiung City.  However, due to the small size of the district’s area, only a small amount of its land is available, which results in more tall buildings being planned to be built in the future.
    Despite the small size of its area, the district is located in the Downtown of Kaohsiung City, which makes it rich in tourist attractions. The Love River, Central Park and the Urban Spotlight are all located in this district and attract a large number of tourists every year, which will make them become the major tourist spots of Kaohsiung City.