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    Orange Line:City Council Station (Exit No. 2)
    Walking along the Zihciang 2nd Rd to Cianjin District Office about 5 minutes.


    City Council Station(Exit No. 4)


    Han-Cheng Bus:0北,0南,168line

    Kaohsiung Transportation:60,8001

    Southeast Bus:248


    Cianjin has south the Executive Yuan to unite the service center, Gaoxiong Parliament, Taiwan Gaoxiong Local court, Taiwan Gaoxiong Local court Procurator generals office, the Gaoxiong Municipal government police station, Gaoxiong Sanitation bureau disease controls place, the military police corps and so on the important governmental agency; As well as Bank of Taiwan, Communications Bank, China International Commercial bank, Gaoxiong Bank and so on important financial organ. Therefore the home court presents the appearance is the institution stands in great numbers, the trade prosperously, the culture and education facility alone many and so on the characteristics, may say is this city politics, the finance, the cultural center of.